Frequently Asked Questions
Interactive eBooks

We cover 14 subjects: English – French – Math – Physics – Chemistry – Science – Arabic – Music – Sport – Civics – History – Geography – Shaping Characters – KGs

As a publisher of interactive eBooks for schools, we strive to provide engaging and educational content that meets the needs of students and educators. Our eBooks are designed to be compatible with a variety of devices and platforms, and we offer ongoing technical support to ensure a seamless user experience. We also work closely with teachers and schools to gather feedback and continually improve our offerings. Our goal is to enhance the learning experience for students and support educators in their important work.

Sure, it will be available on phone, laptops, iPad, tablets…

Sure, and we have our own website for that and it is called

Absolutely, We offer a ready and well customized content. Also, we can manage the content as the client’s specifications