KG1 – My First Letters

Alphabet knowledge is the building block of literacy. Children who can identify and name the letters of the alphabet, as well as the sounds they make, will have early reading success. 

My first letters is a book that introduces letters, in alphabetic order. It provides children many opportunities to learn to recognize, name, color, trace letters, and identify the sounds associated with each one of them.

The focus of the Ready To Learn method works on the needs of children and taking up activities that revolve around fulfilling such needs. It is a multisensory approach, focusing on building solid alphabet knowledge through play, exploration, observation, listening, and speaking.

Worksheet’s lesson of each letter will not be used to initially teach children alphabet recognition. They will be incorporated after they know them. Teachers will be instructed to use fun learning methods to teach the alphabet.

Book’s Features

This book is designed to be interactive and enjoyable, motivating learners to engage in self-learning, and is supplemented with educational and entertaining videos that enhance the presentation of the content

Author of this Book       

Mrs Rania Mourad