KG2 – Work Book

Ready To Learn is an English course that covers the early learning stages of kindergarten. The course is based on the belief that pleasure, interest, and excitement make lessons memorable and help children to learn. It is an activity-based course where teaching is done through stories, songs, activity worksheets, and games.

The focus of the Ready To Learn method works on the needs of children and taking up activities that revolve around fulfilling such needs. The approach believes in and is aimed at developing the personality of a child through sensory learning which includes touching, smelling, seeing, tasting, hands-on activities along learning and reading structured activities. While doing these activities, children will get social benefits as well by interacting with their classmates and teachers. In this course, we teach the letters in a particular sequence. We first introduce some consonants then some short vowels follow closely behind. From there we begin our word building using the sounds learned.

All learning happens through the senses, which act as pathways to the brain. These are the primary pathways to a child’s brain:

  • Auditory – through the sense of hearing
  • Visual – through the sense of sight
  • Tactile – through the sense of touch
  • Kinesthetic – through body movement

Book’s Features

This book is designed to be interactive and enjoyable, motivating learners to engage in self-learning, and is supplemented with educational and entertaining videos that enhance the presentation of the content

Author of this Book       

Mrs Rania Mourad