Peda-History Grade 8

In accordance with the new curricula of the Educational Center for Research and Development, the 8th grade history book has been developed to delve deeper into the rich and diverse history of Lebanon and Europe.

The first section of the book delves into the intriguing history of the Lebanese Emirate during the relevant period, exploring the political, social, and economic factors that shaped this period in Lebanon’s history. The second section is equally captivating, taking a deep dive into the Lebanese Emirate during the era of the Shihab family, highlighting the significant developments and transformations that occurred during this time.

Moving on, the third section explores the era of the Qaimaqams, providing an in-depth analysis of the political and social factors that led to the establishment of this unique system of governance in Lebanon. The fourth section shifts the focus to the Mutassarifia, a system of local government that emerged in Lebanon during the Ottoman era, examining its impact on the region’s history and development.

Finally, the fifth section of the book explores the captivating history of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, highlighting the significant events and movements that transformed the continent during this era.

Book’s Features

The advantage of the book is that it is interactive, contributing to self-learning in an enjoyable way. It includes a number of documentary films that introduce the lesson content, as well as a reasonable number of documents and maps that clarify the content. Additionally, there are some activities that reinforce the information acquired by the student.

Authors of the book

Chawki Awwad

Hala Ghemrawi

Widad Elias