Peda-Science Grade 1

The Grade 1 Science textbook is designed in alignment with the new CRDP curriculum. This book explores various topics such as:

Plant and Animal Habitats, Human Health, Matter and Energy, as well as Earth and the Universe. Each unit consists of chapters, which are further divided into activities.

These activities encompass real-life examples, a “Let’s Discover” section featuring documents aligned with the activity objectives, a “Let’s Write” and “Let’s Learn” section that provides a summary, a “Let’s Practice” section containing exercises related to the main objectives, and a “Let’s Enjoy Science” section that encourages hands-on learning through crafts, experiments, or research.

Book’s Features

This Science book is designed to be interactive and enjoyable, motivating learners to engage in self-learning, and is supplemented with educational and entertaining videos that enhance the presentation of the content

Subject Coordinator

Mr. Fayad El-Halabi

Authors of this Book

Ms. Houda Jalloul

Mrs. Lama Halawani

Mrs. Mariam Chaarani

Mrs. Marwa Mikati