Book Description

Two of You is a fantasy book series about Ricardo, a Lebanese teenager, meeting his real self in the form of an animal, blessed (or cursed) with the ability to see one’s true self. Upon learning that other of these animals are scattered in the city, it also comes to light that not all of them might have the best of intentions – for where there is good, also resides evil. As the wolf he is that will start his own tale, stepping into this mystery of how it all came to be, Ricardo will have to reveal and accept new revelations about who he is, all while facing the consequences

The Author

Blessed with the passion of writing ever since so young, Ricardo Ghneim is a Lebanese student at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut. This book, being the first chapter of a tale of twists, discoveries, and introspections, is his life’s work and the debut of the Two of You book series

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This whole series is dedicated to everyone hiding themselves.
Fear not, your time to shine will come.

Ricardo Ghneim