Peda-Arabic Grade 5

Developed according to the new curricula of the Educational Center for Research and Development, the fifth grade Arabic language textbook covers the following topics:

Sports and games, healthy habits, people and nature, customs and traditions, rarities and lessons, wonders and myths. In each topic, students use various skills, including oral expression, observation and inference, comprehension and analysis, understanding vocabulary and phrases (enriching their linguistic dictionary), linguistic skills (grammar, spelling, handwriting, sentence structure), written expression, listening, and cognitive enrichment

Book’s Features

This Arabic book is designed to be interactive and enjoyable, motivating learners to engage in self-learning, and is supplemented with educational and entertaining videos that enhance the presentation of the content

Subject Coordinator

Mrs. Manal Kassas

Dr. Mahmoud Dornayka

Dr. Mohamad Kamal El Dine

Authors of this Book                                          

Mrs. Aisha Chaaban

Mrs. Angie Jehto

Mrs. Chirine Marouch

Mrs. Mariam Chaaban

Mrs. Rayan Baydoun