Peda-Francais EB2

The EB2 French textbook is developed in accordance with the new CRDP curriculum. This new digital French textbook is part of an interdisciplinary pedagogy, based on breaking down the barriers between oral, written, and linguistic activities.

Language skills and tools are linked together to establish coherence and rigor in the interaction between teaching and learning.

The book develops motivating themes from the learners’ experiences, types, and skills that are included in the Lebanese official program, organized in a new typological, linguistic, and thematic arrangement aimed at producing unity in the concepts covered

Book’s Features

This French book is designed to be interactive and enjoyable, motivating learners to engage in self-learning, and is supplemented with educational and entertaining videos that enhance the presentation of the content

Subject Coordinator

Mr. Farouk Marini

Authors of this Book

Mrs. Abla Mallat

Mr. Alaa Noghnogh

Mr. Fadi Borghol

Mrs. Hanimar Al Esh

Mrs. Khouloud El Hendi