• Peda-Arabic Grade 5

    Developed according to the new curricula of the Educational Center for Research and Development, the fifth grade Arabic language textbook covers the following topics:

    Sports and games, healthy habits, people and nature, customs and traditions, rarities and lessons, wonders and myths. In each topic, students use various skills, including oral expression, observation and inference, comprehension and analysis, understanding vocabulary and phrases (enriching their linguistic dictionary), linguistic skills (grammar, spelling, handwriting, sentence structure), written expression, listening, and cognitive enrichment

  • Peda-English Grade 5

    English grade 1 textbook is developed in accordance with the new curricula of the CRDP. This book covers the following topics:

    People at School, Jobs, The News, Good Journalist, Play, The Importance of Dancing, Poetry, Traditions, Houses Around the World, and City and Village Life. In each topic, students go through the following skills: Comprehension, Speaking, Listening, Pre-Reading, Vocabulary, Reading, Post-Reading, Grammar, and Writing

    The book also includes a range of interactive elements, such as exercises, games, and educational videos, to help students engage with the content in a fun and enjoyable way.

    With its comprehensive coverage of key language skills and engaging presentation of content, the English grade 5 textbook is an invaluable tool for any young learner looking to improve their English language proficiency


  • Peda-Francais EB5

    The EB5 French textbook is developed in accordance with the new CRDP curriculum. This new digital French textbook is part of an interdisciplinary pedagogy, based on breaking down the barriers between oral, written, and linguistic activities.

    Language skills and tools are linked together to establish coherence and rigor in the interaction between teaching and learning.

    The book develops motivating themes from the learners’ experiences, types, and skills that are included in the Lebanese official program, organized in a new typological, linguistic, and thematic arrangement aimed at producing unity in the concepts covered

  • Peda-Math Grade 5

    The Math Grade 5 textbook is developed in accordance with the new curricula. This book covers the following topics:

    Statistics, fractions, addition and subtraction of fractions, mixed numbers, decimal numbers (numeration system, representation, comparison, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), decimal quotients, common multiples of two whole numbers, divisors and divisibility characteristics, products of duration by whole numbers, diameters and lengths of circles, areas of discs, perimeters, square and rectangle areas, cubes, solid patterns, characteristics of quadrilaterals, analytic geometry, distances between two parallels, dilation, angles, and capacity measurements.

    In each topic, students go through the following steps to master the learning objectives: introducing new information by building on previous knowledge through the parts “To Think,” “Activity,” wrapping up the rules in the “Mathematical Vocabulary” and “Essential” sections, and then applying through exercises escalating in their levels in the parts “Exercises” and “Problems.”

  • Peda-Science Grade 5

    The Grade 5 Science textbook is developed in accordance with the new CRDP curriculum. This book covers the following topics:

    Plants and Their Habitat, Animals and Environment, Man and Health, Matter and Energy, and finally Earth and Universe.

    Each unit is divided into chapters, and each chapter is divided into activities. The activities include: an example from real-life situations, “Let’s Discover” which contains documents that match the objectives of the activity, “Let’s Write” and “Let’s Learn” which includes a summary, “Let’s Practice” which features exercises about the main objectives, and “Let’s Enjoy Science” which involves making crafts, conducting experiments, or researching